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For a Pre-NCT that makes sure your vehicle is performing perfectly for a test, contact Condell Motor Repairs


We offer the full range of Pre-NCT checks that are designed to make sure your vehicle is in working order for its NCT examination.


All of our mechanics are fully trained with over 40 years' of experience, and are prepared to answer any queries you might have about specific Pre-NCT tests.

Oil Levels & Water Levels

We make sure that both the oil levels and water levels of your vehicle are at sufficient amounts.


Without appropriate oil levels, your vehicle’s system will not run smoothly.


With insufficient water levels, your vehicle could become prone to overheating.

To ensure your oil levels and water levels are at appropriate amounts, contact Condell Motor Repairs

Seatbelts & Tyre Quality

We examine your vehicle’s seatbelts to ensure that you and your passengers are safe in the event of a crash.


Tyre quality and health are routinely examined to make sure tyres are roadworthy and keep you safe while driving.

For making sure all your seatbelts are in working order and tyres are healthy, contact Condell Motor Repairs

Light Focusing & Anti-Freeze Checks

By focusing your vehicle’s lights, we make sure that it is capable of driving in dark or foggy conditions where vision is obstructed.


We perform anti-freeze checks to make sure your vehicle can safely and competently navigate frosty conditions.

For examining your vehicle’s light focus calibration and anti-freeze capabilities, contact Condell Motor Repairs

Condell Motor Repairs


Where can I get a Pre-NCT check near me?

Condell Motor Repairs performs Pre-NCT checks for customers in County Laois.

What kind of Pre-NCT checks are performed

Some of our Pre-NCT checks include anti-freeze, oil and water level checks, and tyre quality.

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